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AirGap is a non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet that lets you secure your crypto assets offline. It achieves this by using two apps, called AirGap Vault and AirGap Wallet.

The AirGap Vault is responsible for secure secret recovery phrase generation and storage, as well as air-gapped transaction signing through QR codes. The Vault is installed on a dedicated device with no network connection, thereby protecting your secret recovery phrase from attackers. Even if you choose to install the Vault on a device with network connectivity, the Vault application still stays offline.

The AirGap Wallet creates transactions, broadcasts transactions and shows a portfolio overview. The Wallet is installed on your everyday smartphone with network access. The wallet stores public information. The secret recovery phrase is only stored and used in the AirGap Vault, which does not have access to the internet at any time, thus making it inherently more secure than your regular software wallet with internet access.

Getting Started

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Download AirGap Vault


📱 Android — Google Play

📱 iOS — App Store (minimum iOS 13 required)

Download AirGap Wallet


📱 Android — Google Play

📱 iOS — App Store (minimum iOS 13 required)



💻 Windows — GitHub

💻 macOS — GitHub

💻 Linus — GitHub