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AirGap Knox –Unlock the full potential of the AirGap Vault

The final puzzle piece for the Vault

AirGap Vault’s source code ensures that the seed phrase is stored safely on the secure enclave and that it doesn’t use any network. But it can not ensure what the phone’s environment looks like and if it still uses any network. This is where AirGap Knox comes in. It takes security to the next level by disabling all forms of network on an OS level, thereby achieving true offline security.

Truly Offline, Truly Cold

Once installed, the AirGap Knox takes control of the system and initiates the blocking of all connections on a deep system level — whether its wifi, cellular, NFC or Bluetooth. The AirGap Knox acts as a device manager and guards the usability by restricting only the launch of the AirGap Vault and limiting other functionalities. After the setup, your seed phrase can then be generated in total privacy and top security.

Easy enrolment and usability

To setup AirGap Knox simply scan the special QR code with a wiped Android device and Knox get’s setup like magic. The code initiates the instalment of the AirGap Knox bundle and defines it as the device manager, allowing it to handle all setup factors and enabling the lockdown mode.

Setup Video Guide

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