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Supported Devices

AirGap Vault runs on almost any mobile phone that runs iOS or Android. The minimum required versions are as follows:

Required iOS VersionRequired Android Version
AirGap Vault12+5+

If you want to install AirGap Vault on a device running an older Android version (Android 8 or below), make sure to update the Webview to the latest version.


Every device running iOS that was released after 2014 can run AirGap Vault.


Mobile PhoneReleaseiOS VersionWorksDetails
iPhone 13 Pro Max2021latest
iPhone 13 Pro2021latest
iPhone 132021latest
iPhone 13 Mini2021latest
iPhone 12 Pro Max2020latest
iPhone 12 Pro2020latest
iPhone 122020latest
iPhone 12 Mini2020latest
iPhone SE (2nd generation)2020latest
iPhone 11 Pro Max2019latest
iPhone 11 Pro2019latest
iPhone 112019latest
iPhone XS Max2018latest
iPhone XS2018latest
iPhone XR2018latest
iPhone X2017latest
iPhone 8 Plus2017latest
iPhone 82017latest
iPhone 7 Plus2016latest
iPhone 72016latest
iPhone SE (1st generation)2016latest
iPhone 6s Plus2015latest
iPhone 6s2015latest
iPhone 6 Plus201412.5.3
iPhone 6201412.5.3
iPhone 5s201312.5.3
iPhone 5c201310.3.3Firmware too old
iPhone 5 and older2012?Firmware too old

iPod Touches

DeviceReleaseiOS VersionWorksDetails
iPod Touch (7th generation)2019latest
iPod Touch (6th generation)201512.5.1
iPod Touch (5th generation and older)2012?Firmware too old


DeviceReleaseiOS VersionWorksDetails
iPad Pro (5th generation)2021latest
iPad Pro (4th generation)2020latest
iPad (8th generation)2020latest
iPad Air (4th generation)2020latest
iPad (7th generation)2019latest
iPad Air (3rd generation)2019latest
iPad Pro (3rd generation)2018latest
iPad (6th generation)2018latest
iPad Mini (5th generation)2018latest
iPad Pro (2nd generation)2017latest
iPad (5th generation)2017latest
iPad Pro (1st generation)2015latest
iPad Mini 42015latest
iPad Air 22014latest
iPad Mini 3 and older2014?Firmware too old
iPad Air (1st generation)2013?Firmware too old
iPad (4th generation and older)2012?Firmware too old

More details about iOS devices can be found on Wikipedia


AirGap Vault should run on all devices that can be updated to Android 5, which was released in 2014. If your device runs an older firmware (below Android 8), make sure to update the Webview to the latest version.

Not complete

This list is by no means exhaustive. Please help us extend it by telling us if it works on your device!

Mobile PhoneReleaseModelAndroid VersionWorksDetails
Google Pixel 6 Pro202112Also works with GrapheneOS
Samsung Galaxy A70202011
Nokia 6.22019TA-119810
LG G6201710
Samsung Galaxy S8+2017SM-G955FD9 (latest)
Samsung Galaxy A52016SM-A510F7 (latest)
Samsung Galaxy S620157 (latest)
Meizu (?)FlymeOS / Android 6.0#54
X50 (?)10 (potentially 4.4.2)#54

Desktop / Laptop


Do not run AirGap Vault on your Windows/Mac/Linux PC, unless it is fully air-gapped and you know what you are doing. AirGap Vault relies on some mobile specific features (eg. Secure Storage and Biometrics) to secure your mnemonic. On desktop these security features are not available, so it needs to be run on an air-gapped device and encrypt / wipe all data after usage.

Device / OSWorksDetails
Ubuntu 20

Desktop PCs often don't have built in WiFi chips, so they can easily be air-gapped.

Raspberry Pi

AirGap Vault (web-version) should work on the newer Raspberry Pis. If you have tested it, please let us know so we can update the list.

Device / OSReleaseWorksDetails
Raspberry Pi 3, Model B?

Other Devices

In this section we will list "special" devices that might be able to run AirGap Vault.

Device / OSReleaseWorksFeatures
PinePhone??Hardware switches for network connectivity and camera