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Aeternity Introduction

introduction is a blockchain 3.0 smart contracts platform built for scale & user-friendliness. It features a Bitcoin-NG consensus mechanism, Cuckoo Cycle PoW, Layer 1 integrated off-chain state channels, a naming system, oracles & functional smart contracts. AE is the native currency of Aeternity.

AirGap Aeternity Wallet

AirGap Aeternity Wallet is a convenient way to store and transfer AE tokens while storing your private key offline.

How to set up a AE account in AirGap

This guide uses XTZ as an example, but the same steps can set up Aeternity in AirGap. Step by step guide on how to set up all available protocols in AirGap


If I send some AE, do I need to set fees, or does AirGap do it automatically, since the slider rests on disabled?

How to add existing AE wallet (address) to AirGap Wallet?

Which other wallets is AirGap Aeternity wallet compatible with?

Aeternity official Community