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Coreum Introduction

Introduction to Coreum

Coreum is an enterprise-grade blockchain (EGB) designed to provide essential tools for enterprises of all sizes to build and run decentralized applications. It is a highly scalable blockchain capable of processing up to 7,000 transactions per second with a federated group of 32 rotating validators.

One of the unique aspects of Coreum is its support for deploying and executing smart contracts. This provides incredible flexibility and opens up countless possibilities for enterprises utilizing the network. The Coreum blockchain also features Smart Token functionality, which allows tokens to execute contract-like functions independently and with great flexibility while operating on-chain. Smart Tokens are highly customizable, and developers can extend the set of provided functionality per token and add non-deterministic, smart contract-like functions to achieve greater flexibility for powerful use cases.

CORE is the native currency of Coreum blockchain.

AirGap CORE Wallet

AirGap CORE Wallet is a convenient way to store, stake and transfer the CORE coin while storing your private key offline.

How to set up a CORE account.

First setup AirGap

Then follow this guide on how to create a CORE wallet in AirGap.

CORE official Community