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Cosmos Introduction


Cosmos is a blockchain that powers an ecosystem of blockchains designed to scale and interoperate with each other.

Cosmos aims to make it simple for developers to create blockchains while also breaking down barriers between blockchains by allowing them to communicate with one another. The ultimate goal is to build an "Internet of Blockchains", a network of blockchains that can connect in a decentralized manner. Learn more

AirGap Cosmos Wallet

AirGap Cosmos wallet provides an interface to manage your ATOM assets, including a balance inquiry, transfer, etc. AirGap also provides a way to stake your ATOM within the wallet.

How to set up a ATOM account in AirGap

This guide uses XTZ as an example, but the same steps can set up ATOM in AirGap. Step by step guide on how to set up all available protocols in AirGap

How to stake ATOM

We provide a guide here on how to delegate your ATOM.


I have undelegated my ATOMs (Cosmos) but cannot transfer them?

Why am I not receiving rewards for my Cosmos delegation?

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