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Groestlcoin Introduction

Introduction to Groestlcoin

Groestlcoin is a fork of bitcoin built in March 2014 by an international team with a core team from the Netherlands. Groestlcoin is intended for everyday use, has an average block time of one minute, as opposed to Bitcoin's ten minutes. Its total supply will be 105 million coins, as compared to 21 million for Bitcoin. The fundamental idea behind Groestlcoin was to create an electronic payment system based solely on mathematical evidence. It employs the proof of work (POW) system to support safe online money transfers. This is a system with no influence by centralized authorities. Learn more

AirGap Groestlcoin Wallet

AirGap Groestlcoin (GRS) Wallet is a convenient way to store and transfer GRS coin while storing your private key offline.

How to set up a GRS account.

This guide uses XTZ as an example, but the same steps can set up GRS in AirGap. Step by step guide on how to set up all available protocols in AirGap

GRS official Community