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Cosmos FAQ

I have undelegated my ATOMs (Cosmos) but cannot transfer them?

If you've undelegated your ATOMs (Cosmos) you will have to wait for 21 days until they become transferable again. You will see the date when you will be able to transfer your ATOMs (Cosmos) again in AirGap Wallet under “Delegation”.

Why am I not receiving rewards for my Cosmos delegation?

When delegating ATOMs (Cosmos) you will need to manually claim your rewards.

  1. Open AirGap Wallet
  2. Select your ATOM (Cosmos) account
  3. Select “Delegation”
  4. Select the “Rewards” tab and then click on “Claim Rewards”
  5. Go through the transaction signing process with AirGap Vault and broadcasting with AirGap Wallet
  6. You've unlocked your rewards