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Tezos FAQ

Why am I not receiving rewards for my Tezos delegation?

When delegating Tezos from a new account a period of 12 cycles equaling about 36 days need to pass until you will be eligible for the first reward.

In Tezos a baker (validator) pays out rewards manually, this means that you might receive rewards not right after the first minute of a new cycle but rather a bit later.

If you're not receiving rewards for a long time, reach out to the baker (validator) directly. If you've not chosen any other baker in AirGap, you've delegated to us and can reach us with any questions at [email protected]

Keep in mind that you can still transfer your XTZ (Tezos) during that time as Tezos.

How do I use AirGap with Tezos

Are you also a Tezos fan? We most certainly love Tezos and its blockchain! We have made a very exploratory guide where you can see all the functionalities AirGap has when you are a Tezos holder. Have a read here

How do I use Dexter with AirGap

Dapps are a great way to boost the ecosystem, more and more such dapps are released which makes us extremely happy. We have made one ourself , but what may be interesting to you more is how to truly make use of Dexter. What a great project, the fact that you can exchange your Tez in seconds using this Dapp is great. Providing liquidity to the pool is also a very cool feature. Here you have th extensive guide