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Tezos Sapling


We will only be able to give limited support because all shielded transactions are private.

What is Sapling

Sapling or shielded transactions allows you to perform privacy-preserving transactions of fungible tokens in a decentralized environment. It was an original idea from the Electric Coin Company, the company behind the ZCash protocol and it has long been the gold standard for transaction protection in blockchain, whereby the confidentiality of the sums and the unlinkability of the sender and receiver are protected. This feature was recently added to the Tezos network.

What are the use cases for Sapling

  • True privacy: Due to cryptocurrency's pseudonymous nature most people believe it provides privacy for payments but in reality, it does not. In fact, crypto gives less protection than fiat monetary authorities in certain ways, since it is a public blockchain that can theoretically reveal the real identity behind a public address if someone has enough resources to do chain analysis. With the introduction of sapling, transactions can now be routed through a shielded pool thereby providing true privacy and anonymity.

How to use Sapling in AirGap

Visit the guide page to learn how to setup Tezos sapling in AirGap Vault