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Setup tezos sapling


We will only be able to give limited support because all shielded transactions are private.

How to setup Sapling in AirGap


The next three steps may not be required if you already have a tezos XTZ and Shielded XTZ account setup.

First, make sure you have AirGap Vault set up with a secret.

Create a Tezos & Shielded Tez XTZ account. Click "Add Account", select Tezos XTZ & Shielded Tez XTZ and click "Create".

The next page shows you an overview of all your accounts. Sync both account to AirGap Wallet.

Click both Account to sync Vault to Wallet. Click the AirGap Wallet button.

Select your interaction settings and Sync Vault to the Wallet.

Import Account from Vault to Wallet. Repeat the same importation steps for the Shielded Tez XTZ Account.

The next page shows you an overview of all your accounts. Select the shielded Tezos XTZ account you just created.

Click the set contract button.

In here you can input your desired sapling contract. Click the set address button.

Contract address

The sapling address in this guide was blurred out as we do not endorse any specific address.

Injection Service

In this guide, we do not use any injection service.

Whenever you interact with a sapling contract, even if the transactions that you send are not linkable to an identity, you still need to pay the fees of the contract with a normal tz address. One way to work around that is to set up an injection service that will send the transaction on your behalf in exchange for a small fee that you can add inside the shielded transaction.

The service can still learn your IP address, which sometimes is even more sensitive than your tz address, so to solve that problem you can provide the service as a hidden Tor service.

Click "Fund Account" to fund your shielded XTZ account from your unshielded XTZ account.

Then select any unshielded Tezos account to pay the fee for the funding operation.

Input the neccessary amount and the leave the address unchanged. This address belongs to your shielded tezos account. Click "Create Transaction".

Click "Sign Transaction".

Click "Confirm".

Within minutes, your coins should have arrived in your shielded account.

This transaction is shielded. Nobody can see which account you funded. Click the send button to send XTZ from your shielded XTZ to another shielded XTZ.

On this page, we are creating a shielded transaction to another shielded account. Specify amount, address and click "Create Transaction"

Sign the transaction

Confirm the transaction

Selected your unshielded account to wrap the transaction.


Every shielded transaction has to be "wrapped" by a regular tezos transaction to pay the network fees. This is why there are some extra steps and you have to sign 2 transactions. First, you need to sign the "shielded transaction", then you have to choose which account to "wrap" it to pay the fee in tez. The account that wraps the shielded transaction is public, but the transaction details of the shielded transaction are private.

Sign transaction again.

Confirm the transaction.

This transaction is shielded. Nobody can see how much you sent or to whom.

Click the send button to unshield your XTZ.

On this page, we want to unshield the remaining 0.5 XTZ tokens. Click the Send button, Specify amount, paste any unshielded XTZ account address and click "Create Transaction".

Sign the transaction.

Confirm the transaction.

Just as you selected your unshielded account to wrap the previous transaction to pay for the network fee. repeat the same process. Sign and Confirm the transaction.

You have successfully unshield 0.5 XTZ.