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Setup BIP-85

Advanced features

BIP-85 is an advanced feature. Make sure you understand how it works before you use it.

How to setup BIP-85 in AirGap Vault

To derive a BIP-85 child entropy from one of your Secrets, go to the Settings page and open the detail page. Click on "Generate BIP85 Child secret recovery phrase" to get to the generation page.

On the BIP-85 Generation page, you can set a few settings.

  • Mnemonic Length: This defines the length of the child secret recovery phrase
  • Index: Changing the index will derive a different child secret recovery phrase, so if you want a new secret recovery phrase for a new purpose, make sure to set the index to a value you have not used before
  • Advanced Mode - BIP-39 Passphrase: This allows you to set an extra passphrase that will be used to derive entropy.

To derive the same child secret recovery phrase again, all of the input values (length, index, passphrase) need to be the same. So make sure you don't forget any of the values.

On the next page you can see the derived secret recovery phrase. You can now write it on a piece of paper or directly import it into another wallet.


The child secret recovery phrase do not have to be backed up. They can always be derived again from the parent own. You just have to make sure that you properly back up your parent secret recovery phrase.

Here you can set a name for your secret. You can also set an encryption password to your secret. You have to eneter this password every time your secret is accessed.

In the last step, add the accounts that you require and hit "Create".


BIP-85 is supported by ColdCard and the iancoleman bip39 web tool. In case you don't have access to AirGap Vault anymore, you can use either of those 2 apps to recover your BIP-85 child secret recovery phrase.


Never enter your main secret recovery phrase on an online site.