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Setup BlueWallet with AirGap Vault (BTC-Only)

Watch-only wallets allow you to keep track of your cold wallet (for example, AirGap Vault) without accessing your private key. Import your extended public key to watch your balance and initiate transactions.

In this guide, we walk you through how to set up a watch-only wallet with BlueWallet and AirGap Vault.

How to set up a watch-only wallet

Launch BlueWallet and click the Add now button.

Specify any desirable name for your watch-only wallet and select Bitcoin, then click the import button.

Screenshots are not available for the next page since that part of BlueWallet does not allow taking screenshots for security reasons.

Click "Scan or Import a file" on the next page.

Go to the AirGap Vault. Select your Bitcoin SegWit Account.

Click Blue Wallet

You should see a QR to be scanned from Blue Wallet.

Now scan the QR-code from AirGap Vault in BlueWallet and you will receive a notification saying "Wallet has been successfully imported".

Wait for the BlueWallet to fully sync your balance.

Receiving BTC with BlueWallet

Users can choose between the AirGap or BlueWallet app to get their receiving address.

To copy it from AirGap, go to the Vault and select your BTC account then click the address and paste it in your desired spot.

To copy it from BlueWallet, Click on the Card showing the summary of your account and copy it beside the address.

Click receive

Select a preference for notification, this is a one time request. Click on the address to copy.

Sending BTC with BlueWallet

Click on the send button in BlueWallet

Paste in the recipient address, specify the amount and click next.

Scan the QR code from the vault.

After scanning, click scan signed transaction from the above image.

Sign the transaction in the vault.

Select QR scanning.

Scan the QR from Blue Wallet by clicking the scan signed transaction on Blue Wallet. Ensure the QR is in BC-UR format.

Click the send now button.

Bravo. You should see a mark button on BlueWallet confirming you've successfully perform this operation.