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Changing interaction settings

Some of our users use AirGap on a single device and later want to switch to two devices or vice versa. In this guide, we walk you through how to switch over to a different interaction approach in your AirGap Vault.

Go to the Vault.

Go to the settings Tab.

Select the Vault interaction settings.

Select your preferred mode of interaction.

If your device is on airplane mode, the app will automatically choose the "QR code scanning" mode. Else, you will see these three modes of interaction:

Always ask:

This mode is suitable if you use the Vault on both single and two-device approaches. For instance, you are using the Vault with the AirGap wallet and also using it with MetaMask to access EVM chains not supported by the Wallet.

QR code scanning:

This mode is suitable if you are using a two-device approach. For instance, you are using the Vault and Wallet on two devices or paired the Vault with other wallets like MetaMask, Sparrow, Blue, or any other QR-based wallet.

App Switching:

This mode should be used if you have both the Vault and the Wallet on the same device.