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Setup MetaMask mobile with AirGap

In this guide, we will explore how you can set up MetaMask mobile as a watch-only wallet with AirGap Vault.

MetaMask Extension

If you interested in setting up MetaMask extension please visit here

MetaMask mobile is a non-custodial wallet that brings the experience of MetaMask extension to your mobile device for accessing all EVM-compatible blockchains.

If you already have MetaMask mobile installed and set up, you can skip the next step and proceed to pair MetaMask with AirGap Vault.

Other EVM network

In this guide, we used the ETH Network as an example and BNB network for creating a transaction, but the AirGap Vault is blockchain agnostic. It can sign transactions on any EVM chain by adding the RPC of that chain to MetaMask. Nothing needs to be done on the Vault, besides the steps listed below. We've tested it for Avalanche, Polygon, Celo, FUSE network, Moonriver, Moonbeam, and Astar.

Other EVM network

This guide is specific to MetaMask mobile version. Please visit here for the guide on how to connect AirGap to MetaMask extension.

1. Installation

On your mobile device, visit the respective store and download MetaMask.



Launch MetaMask and click the Get started button.

Click the create wallet button.

Read the terms of service and if you agree to it, click the "I agree" button.

Setup a password.

Now MetaMask will show you a 12-word recovery phrase. This recovery phrase is only used to recover the MetaMask account. It is part of the procedure to set up MetaMask.

MetaMask will ask you to verify the recovery phrase and then click the complete backup button.

The wallet landing page will look like this.

2. Pair AirGap Vault with MetaMask

Click the navigation button at the top left corner

Click the drop-down at the center left corner.

Click connect hardware wallet.

Click the continue button

Open the Vault and add an ETH account to your Vault.

Click on the arrow sign then the plus + sign at the bottom right corner.

Select Ethereum (ETH) and click the create button. Select the newly created ETH account.

Click the MetaMask button

Scan the QR-code from MetaMask mobile.

Select your desired wallet. In most cases, it will be the first one.

MetaMask should now be successfully paired with AirGap Vault.

3. Add RPC

Other EVM network

As stated earlier, the Vault is blockchain agnostic and can work for any EVM compatible chain.  We decided to show the sending transaction in the BNB chain to display the possibility of using the Vault with other chains besides Etheruem.

To add RPC, click the navigation button at the top left corner.

Click settings

Click Network

Click the Add Network button.

Select the desired protocol. If it's not listed there, click on the customized tab and input the necessary parameters. In this guide, we selected the BNB chain.

Click the approve button.

Click the switch network button.

Your MetaMask should now show your protocol coin balance. For us it is BNB.

4. Sending using MetaMask mobile and AirGap Vault

To send, Click on the send button on your MetaMask.

Paste the address and click the next button.

Input the amount and click the next button.

Click the confirm button.

You should see a QR code displayed.

Proceed to the vault and click the scanner tab to scan the QR code.

Click the sign transaction button and then select offline.

Go back to MetaMask, click the get signature button and scan the QR code that appears in the Vault.

You should see a popup confirming that you've successfully signed a transaction offline.