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How to setup AirGap

AirGap is the most cost-effective method of storing your private keys while maintaining the highest level of security.

For beginners, getting started with and becoming accustomed to AirGap can be challenging. As a result, we've created this guide, in which you'll learn how to set it up.

Depending on your needs, there are two ways to set up AirGap.

Decisions — Do I want maximum safety?

AirGap has two setup methods. It is important to decide how you intend to use AirGap before you begin the setup process.

  1. The first and most secure method is the two device approach. In this method, the private key is generated and securely stored on an offline device with the AirGap Vault app. The companion app, AirGap Wallet, is installed on your everyday smartphone. It interacts with the Vault using one-way communication with QR codes. This method is recommended for handling large amounts of funds.

  2. The second method is the single device approach. In this method, both apps are installed on your everyday smartphone. The private key is generated and securely stored in the AirGap Vault app and communicates to AirGap Wallet via app-switching. This method is recommended for handling small amounts of funds.

Step by Step guide for setting up AirGap

  1. Download the AirGap Vault and Wallet
  1. Open the AirGap Vault, read and accept the disclaimer
  1. Click the "Generate" button to create a new secret recovery phrase. You can also import existing secret recovery phrases.

We recommend you generate new secret recovery phrases and do not use one that has been generated on a device that is not air-gapped. Not doing so will decrease your overall security and put all your funds at risk!

  1. Click the "Grant permission" button and accept the permission request.
  1. Collect additional entropy by moving your phone around to record video, audio, and acceleration. The additional entropy is used to generate a secure secret recovery phrase.

The microphone, camera, accelerator, and touch are needed to add additional entropy for the secret recovery phrase generation. You don't have to grant this permission if you dislike it, the generation will still be possible.

  1. After reading and understanding the rules, click the "Understand" button
  1. Back your secret recovery phrase up by writing it down on a piece of paper

Never lose your secret recovery phrase and never store it on an online device or app. If you lose your secret recovery phrase, you lose all your funds!

  1. Verify your secret recovery phrase by selecting them from the options in the order you have written them down.
  1. Give your secret recovery phrase a name so that you can identify it just in case you set up multiple secret recovery phrases. You can also set up a password by ticking the box beside the passcode. This passcode is needed every time the app has to access the secret recovery phrase. Click the "Confirm" button.

The passcode that can be selected in this step is not a BIP39 passphrase. You can set up a BIP39 passphrase later.

  1. Use your fingerprint to store the secret using the secure enclave of the mobile device.
  1. Select a new account of your desired protocol and click the "Create" button.
Possible Protocol

The supported protocols are Aeternity, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Groesticoin, Tezos, Cosmos, Polkadot, Kusama and Shielded Tez.

  1. Grant access to access the secure storage.
  1. A new account for the selected coin has now been created.
  1. Select the account that was created and click the “sync” button to sync the Vault with the Wallet.
  1. Select a preference for how AirGap Vault interacts with AirGap Wallet. Select “offline device” if you're using the offline approach or “same device” if you've installed both apps on the same device.
  1. If you're going down the offline route, you will be shown the Sync QR code, which you need to scan with AirGap Wallet. For this, open AirGap Wallet, go to the “Scan QRs” tab and scan the QR code.

If you're using the same device approach, you'll be automatically forwarded to the “Confirm Import” screen in the AirGap Wallet.

  1. After importing the account, your balance should be visible in AirGap Wallet in the “Accounts tab”.


Now you have learned how you can set up your AirGap.