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How to update android webview

When installing AirGap Vault on an old Android device, one common challenge is that the Webview on these old devices is not up to date. This can lead to a variety of errors (usually the App opening and just showing a white screen).

On this page, we have a quick guide on how to update the Android webview.

Play Store required

To update the Android System Webview using this method, your device needs to have the Play Store App installed.


We strongly recommend removing all secrets and doing a factory reset before connecting the device to the internet.

  1. Open the Play Store
  2. Search for “Android System Webview”
  1. Click the "update" button
Update button unavailable

If update button is unavailable, skip this step and repeat the same process for “Google Chrome”

Some devices (depending on the software version), use the Webview version that is provided by "Google Chrome". Repeat the process above for "Google Chrome" as well.

After completing those steps, AirGap Vault should run. If there are still issues, please reach out to us.